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Megan Johnson Rox, MA, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Professor, RMT
Nashville, TN




"Megan coached me on a major life decision. It was an excellent and productive experience. She was great!"


"I recently received  some life coaching from Megan. I very much enjoyed her and look forward to meeting with her again. She helped me see things about myself that I was unable to see. Very professional."


"She was patient, understanding and resourceful. Megan listened to my needs and worked with me over the phone to come up with multiple solutions for an end-result goal. I appreciated Megan taking time to help me sort out steps and prioritize."


"I had a life coaching session with Megan and the hour flew by. I found it to be very beneficial. I felt relaxed and the questions she asked seemed to cause me to answer my own. In other words, the open-ended questions led me to answers I didn't know I knew."


"Megan did a good job of 'following the thread' and asked pertinent questions. She was very good with 'what' and 'what would it look like?' type questions."


"I had a life coaching session over the phone with Megan and it was fantastic! In fact, I got VERY clear with a passion of mine and where I need to go with it. Almost immediately upon hanging up, I got busy putting things together and I'm now started down a path of sure fulfillment. She was very professional with a warm personal side while guiding me to my own answers. I'm so grateful to have crossed paths with her."


"The session seemed to really match my energy which was in a state of looking at all options. Conscious and caring, Megan held on with me and allowed me to explore the content of my somewhat scattered mind. This brought up a questioning of myself, 'Where am I going with this?' Then Megan followed her intuition that led us down a path that seemed to me to be a detour at first. However when she allowed the space that removed the pressure from my own mind, suddenly a simple and profound conclusion brought me to a state of completeness. I understood the importance of expressing what I want and how that was the openness I was looking for in my present relationship and interactions. Expression of the self free from judgement!"


"The topic we discussed is a new area for me so it was really special that she gave me space to talk and made me feel comfortable. Having the ability to talk out loud to someone else is beneficial in and of itself. She was not pushy with her ideas. The conversation was lead by me. I do appreciate her suggestions and the choice of questions that lead me to think deeper on the subject."


"Megan asked some great questions and helped me to get more of a laser focus on the things I really want to do with my career path in the coming year. Megan clearly has a lot of insight and a positive, sunny disposition that helps me to believe that anything is impossible. I will highly recommend her to any of my friends who are seeking life coaching in the future."


"I was consulted by Megan Johnson Rox as a life coach. In our conversation she did more than was necessary make me feel at ease and took a very compassionate approach when responding to my concerns, aspirations, and so on. She did this as well as any professional in the mental health field I've had experience with. Also, she was quickly able to identify with what I was telling her and suggest routes into the types of industries I'm interested in. She's very pro-active in the role. Given that I've never seen a life coach before, I wasn't sure what to expect going in. However, Megan's attitude and thoughtful approach made for a good, helpful experience."


"I had a life coach session with Megan and it was really helpful to me. She had knowledge of so many spiritual concepts."


"I had an hour-long life coaching session with Megan. I am coming up on a major life decision. I am finishing up my PhD this summer and need to decide if I should stay in academia or if I should go work for non-profit research companies. The problem is, this life decision will be permanent as it would be nearly impossible to switch to the other once I've made my choice. I feel like my heart is telling me to go to non-profit but as a research scientist, my analytical head is telling me I should go into academia and that I need to over-analyze my thought process and decision-making criteria a million times over. I also have been suffering from stress and anxiety over my work and this decision. Talking with Megan was really reassuring. She has a good understanding of my scenario, listened empathetically and asked really insightful questions that allowed me to reflect on my situation in a new way. She allowed me to feel more confident in listening to my gut, which my head has been making me run circles around. Megan also encouraged me to try meditation, which I feel like was an excellent recommendation. She encouraged me to cut through myself blocking my own way in the decision-making process, by getting quiet, and by listening to my inner self. Megan's comments allowed me to become more confident in my own decision-making process, and to follow my own happiness instead of the vision of what I think my happiness should look like. Another aspect of working with Megan that I really appreciated with this: Megan describes her approach to be holistic and spiritual. I am a brain and cognitive scientist and an active researcher. My epistemology is very non-spiritual. I had a conversation with Megan before we began, telling her that I respond best to logic and evidence-based practices. Megan said she already was aware of that about me and was willing to change some of her language to align with my perspective. What I thought was especially great was how she and I were able to find points of connection between our perspectives. Megan really worked to 'translate' her points of view to align with my own, and I feel like this blending of perspectives was really powerful for me. Megan has given me more confidence to believe in myself and more courage to make this big upcoming life decision."


"I had a life coaching session with Megan. It was my first life coaching session and I enjoyed my experience. I found Megan very relatable. She was a great listener and easy to open up to. I didn't know much about life coaching and was a little nervous at first, but Megan very quickly made me feel comfortable. As a soon-to-be college graduate, I am facing many tough decisions and was feeling a little overwhelmed. Megan offered great spiritual and practical advice to give me the confidence to face the challenges ahead. I left feeling encouraged and comforted by her positive outlook on life. I would definitely recommend Megan to any of my friends who are seeking out a life coach or even those who are just curious about it like I was. I benefited from our session and wouldn't hesitate to do it again."


"I just had a coaching session with Megan.  I was very helpful for me as I am struggling through this major life transition.  She was great at listening and letting me talk through all of my 'mental garbage' before offering any insights of her own.  Through talking things out with Megan, I recognized that I periodically get stuck in this perfectionism/fear loop that can be quite debilitating when I am trying to accomplish something.  She encouraged me to be kind to myself and let me have the space to explore my own perceptions about my situation.  All in all a very helpful session and I have a few new ideas to move myself forward!"


"Megan allowed me to sort through areas in my life on my own time. She was helpful in seeing a larger picture and also helped me shape a plan to get started toward my goals. Megan made me feel at ease and I left the session with a positive feeling. My experience during the session surpassed my expectation."


"I had a coaching session with Megan. I have been off work on medical leave with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I sought out Megan's assistance because she is in tune to the bigger picture in life. I have accepted my belief in Spirit/The Divine during this time and felt no judgement from Megan for any of my statements, feelings or thoughts. It was like talking to a friend who unconditionally supported me exactly where I was in my healing process. She nudged me to be aware of things I was saying that in turn opened me up to healing and in turn confidence. I look forward to working with her again in the future. It was a pleasure to unburden myself and receive support and guidance for next steps."


"My session with Megan went very well. I've seen quite a bit of improvement for myself on multiple levels. I've started new projects that I am enjoying. I am also working on my communication skills more which is very necessary in my new living/working environment. Also, I'm working on not overthinking things so much. I am also developing new skills. Having a positive, outside influence has definitely worked well for me. I believe Megan will do very well in the life coaching field!"


"I was really surprised at how astutely Megan took my confused jumble of thoughts and pulled out a few real  gems. I now feel better equipped to tackle some issues that have long been keeping me up at night. It will require a lot of work, but I know that speaking with Megan was a big step in the right direction. If she can help me accomplish this much in such a short amount of time, I’m excited for the future. What a lovely, intelligent and intuitive lady!"