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Megan Johnson Rox, MA, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Professor, RMT
Nashville, TN



Reiki Classes

I am now offering Reiki Classes (Usui method). Email me for upcoming class dates.

Level I - $125

Description:  This is the beginning level of Reiki training. You will be able to give yourself Reiki, your family, friends and pets Reiki, or even expand to the community as a volunteer (can’t charge for doing reiki until after level 2). The training consists of discussion, the Reiki Level I attunement, hands-on practice, and course materials.

Objectives:  You will learn the history of Reiki, have a general understanding of chakras and aura, practice Reiki for self-treatment and treatment on others. You will be able to scan the body for energy. Also included is info on how to give your animal companions Reiki.

Reiki Level II - $125

Description: Must have completed level I. This course will enable you to provide higher healing energy whether you use it for your own healing, giving treatments to friends, family, pets, incorporating elements of Reiki within your profession, or even expand to a private practice. You will be an official practitioner who can charge for reiki after level II certification.

Objectives:  You will receive the Reiki II symbols which will enable you to: increase the power of your healing energy, be able to clear negative energy out of rooms, send energy to balance emotions and help heal relationships, and send Reiki distantly to another person. You will learn the many uses of Reiki in your every day life. You will receive the Reiki Level II attunement and have hands-on practice using the Reiki II symbols.

Level 3 – Reiki Master - $175

Description: Must have completed level II and practiced reiki for ideally 3 months. This is the final course in Usui Reiki Training. You will receive the 3 Usui Master Symbols which increases the strength of your reiki healing energy and the use of the Reiki II Symbols, completing the 6 symbols

Objectives: You will receive the Usui Master Attunement and practice using the Usui Master Symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II Symbols. You will practice giving a Healing Attunement which is the highest healing energy you can give yourself or individuals. You will practice attuning others to Reiki and will be provided information on teaching Reiki.