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Megan Johnson Rox, MA, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Professor, RMT
Nashville, TN



Megan Johnson Rox

Megan Johnson Rox, MA is a certified life coach (Deborah King’s LifeForce Coach Program as well as Radiant Health Institute’s Holistic Life Coach Program), professor of communication and reiki master. She has done communication research at the AMA, consulted healthcare organizations on how to improve communication and teaches communication to college students at TSU and VSCC. Through experience and years of studying spiritual and psychological development, she has discovered the key to improving communication and relationships with your (higher) self and others. She has achieved success by using the Law of Attraction and loves to teach it to anyone who is ready to improve their lives. She developed workshops such as Be Your Own Rockstar, Communicate with Your Higher Self,  and Dealing with Difficult People and teaches other personal development and inspirational lectures and workshops at schools, centers and retreats around Nashville. She has written for holistic health-related websites, blogs, book chapters, and magazines.

Megan doesn't just teach and encourage others to follow their dreams, she is actively pursuing hers also. She writes and performs her own music with her husband in an indie rock/synth pop band called Scale Model