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Megan Johnson Rox, MA, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Professor, RMT
Nashville, TN



Spiritual / Empowerment Coach Megan J. Rox

My training and what I specialize in helping clients with includes:

Be Your Own Rockstar! Through Self-Reflection, Communication, Self-Confidence in Expressing Your Authentic Self / Authentic Voice, Connecting with Your HIgher Self/ Intuition, Self-Love, Clarity, Career Change, Spirituality, Public Speaking.

Host of TSU's Empowerment Hour weekly workshop/discussion group

I have a passion for helping anyone wanting personal, spiritual and/or career development and have a particular affinity for helping young adults.

I am a communication and public speaking faculty at MTSU and also coach people who have a presentation or other speaking engagement and want help developing and giving a killer presentation. 


Coach Rox Speaking Engagements and Workshops/Classes

                See my Classes/Workshops page for upcoming classes/workshops/talks or to request a presentation at your company/group


Spiritual Life Coaching

I meet clients where they are and act as a resource and partner in their development process. A life coach is someone whose main job is to help you get focused on the direction that you are headed and then clarify on whether or not you want to be headed in that direction. 

My experience and focus in coaching is in spirituality (non-religious) and I use that as a base to help people with not only spiritual development, but also use it as the core to improve your personal and career development.

Certified life coaches through Radiant Health Institute are highly trained to ask professional guided questions to help clients come to their own understanding about their own lives. Life coaches don't push or pull...they gently allow clients to show themselves and reveal what areas of life to focus on and enhance.

What do Life Coaches do?

Coaches challenge you to be better than you think you can be and enable you to get awareness about what you really want out of your personal and professional life. They challenge you to re-gain or maintain balance in all areas of your life, including mental, physical, spiritual, personal, professional, and financial. They help you recognize your thought patterns/habits and behaviors that are hard for each of us to recognize in ourselves. They help you see problems in perspective and help you come to practical solutions.

Interested in a Free Consultation?

Email me at  or call me at 615-219-5777


Motivational Speaking

I give talks, seminars and workshops on spirituality-related topics. See my Classes/Workshops/Speeches page for all the speeches I do.  Here is an overview of one of my workshops ... 







Megan J. Rox is a certified Holistic Life Coach trained through

As Well As Deborah King's Life Force Coaching Program

My Favorite Quote

As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.

Marianne Williamson


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